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SignD signature processes are certified according to the eIDAS standard by the European Union.

Court Proof

This means signed files are regarded as legal documents and hold up in court.


We have pre-implemented leading RegTech Solutions. Your solution can be up an running within days.

Best of RegTech

We cooperate with the leading RegTech providers and keep screening the market for new solutions.


Compliance processes are different for every application, thats why we can adapt to your requirements.


Based on your many years of experience in regulated industries we will support you during the whole project.

Our Mission:

Trust in our digital world

We meet new people every day, in business and in private. To make agreements, we need to know who we are dealing with, sometimes even requried by law.

✔  SignD provides tools and processes to stay compliant with legal requirements for commerce with consumers (KYC) and business (KYB). 

✔  The SignD Platform enables tailored Customer-Onboarding-Processes that combine best-of-class technologies with minimal invest. 

✔ Our Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) enables immediate digital signing of contracts without registration and technical requirements. 

10 %
EU Document Coverage
> 100

Our Quantum Plattform

RegTech solutions for KYC and KYB combine multiple visible and invisible process steps. Our Quantum Platform orchestrates up to 30 functions and technologies into tailored processes for our customers.

KYC - Consumer Identities

Stay fully compliant by identifying your customers with a user friendly process.

Electronic Signatures

Qualfied Electronic Signatures with fully identified signatories hold up in court.

KYB - Business Identities

Instant access to global Business Data for efficient Due Diligence.

Continuous Compliance

After the initial verification of customers changes need to be monitored.

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    We are happy to provide our 20+ years of experience in regulated industries to analyse your business requirements and sketch possible solutions.

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