• 096reduction in B2B onboarding time
  • 090straight through automation
  • 080reduction in backoffice data validation time

SignD’s Unique Offering

A Universal end to end platform – that covers every customer journey that you could possibly need – not just now but for the future

Modular Design – That allows you to choose the precise solution that best fits your requirements

Future Proof – You get the benefits as we evolve our platform to meet all our clients demands

A universal solution to customer onboarding.

Use our platform to create the customer journey you need.

Covering identity verification, credit and risk assessment, electronic contracting and payments.

  • Photo ID
  • eKYC
  • Address
  • Bank
  • Mobile
  • eIDAS
  • Video
risk and credit
  • Adverse
  • Risk & Fraud
  • Synthetic
  • Fraud
  • Credit
  • Contract
  • Signature

Trusted by Leading Brands and Organisations Worldwide

Customer Onboarding with a Smile

The SignD Q Platform adapts to the unique needs and risks of your business and provides
the right set of services to balance your need for security and convenience.

SignD Quantum Platform

Lets Agree
– Qualified Signature

Who are you?
– Consumer Identity

Bank With us
– Open Banking

Do I want to do Business?
– Business Identity

Automated Onboarding and Identity Verification Solutions

Consumer Identity Services

Enables you to know your customers, serve them better and avoid risk

Business Identity Services

Enables you to automatically onboard and assess your business partners within minutes not days

Open Banking

Enables you to unleash the power of 550 million EU bank accounts for payments and account information services

Electronic Signature

Enables you to digitally conclude contracts with your clients in an instant with a verified and legally binding signature

Coverage SignD - Passports

  • 93%Straight Through Automation
  • 99%Fake Identity Detection Rate
  • 3 Sec.Average Processing

Largest Master List, Public Key Directory worldwide Including revocation checking

IDs supported for 87 languages, in use at 55 international borders, biometric quality proven billions of times

Coverage SignD - National IDs

  • 96%Straight Through Automation
  • 99%Fake Identity Detection Rate
  • 3 Sec.Average Processing speed

Supporting passports but also new biometric chips on national IDs

IDs supported for 87 languages, in use at 55 international borders, biometric quality proven billions of times

Coverage SignD - eKYC

  • 23Well covered 2+2 source countries
  • 12Countries with 50%+ coverage
  • 100Target country coverage by Q2 2020

Good coverage >75% populationOK coverage Q4 2021: 60 additional countries

Coverage SignD - Open Banking

  • 500mnBank accounts in Europe
  • 100%Guaranteed payments, chargeback free
  • 4 hrs.From application to accepting payments

European PSD2 AIS & PIS
Other, mainly AIS

Coverage SignD - KYB

  • 330mnDetail company records in database
  • 100mnUBO database records + live data
  • 100Countries with live register access

Database AccessDirect register Access

Coverage SignD - Depth of Checking

  • 28Average Documents Per country
  • 3 dayFastest Templating turnaround
Number Doc Tpye
2.488 Driver's licenses
2.240 Passports
1.837 national ID cards
584 residence permits
445 Visa documents
1.214 others (commercial, refugee, weapon, etc.)

1 … 200 documents
US: 2004 documents

Our truly comprehensive platform covers every function and
feature set you could possibly need.

Future proofed as we are constantly evolving our
platform to adapt to a changing environment


Multiple hand-picked industry leaders in a redundant failover configuration. Constant service quality monitoring.


Seamless journey through a fully automated process. Prevents users from dropping out. Permanent conversion optimization.


Only one contract and one integration of a single, stable API for all services over time


Low follow-up costs. Low operational costs due to fewer manual efforts.

We are built on the shoulders of the Industry’s giants

We integrate the best of breed technologies from the foremost leaders in the Industry

SignD Customer Journey coverage is among the most
complete in the Industry today

8,800 Government documents from

230 Countries and territories covered

100M Ultimate Beneficial Owners

60 Countries covered 2×2 KYC

483M Company records

170 Countries for adress validation