Bernie Reiterer: “UX-UI is not just about what you can do, but what you can avoid”

Last month our CEO, Bernie Reiterer, was interviewed by Harlan Cockburn for Ergomania. In a fluid and pleasant conversation, Bernie alongside two others recognized European Fintech entrepreneurs analyzes the current Austrian Fintech and RegTech scene, their challenges, and what to expect in the future. As the conversation follows, the experts give their impression on good design, optimized to bring the best user experience, particularly to the financial and regulatory technologies.

“Bernie Reiterer makes the case for simplicity in UX. “We’re selling compliance and hygiene. It’s all about being clever in what you put in front of the customer, and what they have to do. So UX-UI, from our perspective is not just about what you do, but also what you can avoid. So it’s about what to put into the background, but still, get information about a customer for verification while avoiding asking them for stuff. Those things that they have to do need to be super lean. So most of our services have only one button on the screen. Because you cannot click the wrong button if you just have one button. And if there are two buttons, you know, they’re going to click the wrong one!”

We invite you to check the full text of the interview at the following link: The Austrian FinTech Scene – Greener Grass?