Estonia Saves 2% Of GDP by Digital Signing

With hot summers and frigid winters, forests, and lakes covering three-quarters of its territory and more than 1,500 islands, the Republic of Estonia span 45,227 km2. Toomas Hendrik Ilves, the minister who led it for a whole decade (2006-2016), went so far as to say that “not many people know where Estonia is, but everyone […]

Benefits of Digital Identity Verification

What is clear is that technology has made our everyday lives more convenient and easier, however, the associated cybersecurity threats cannot be overlooked. Every year, millions of people put their identities at risk, as cybercriminals are always on the hunt for fragile networks that can be easily circumvented. This means that weak authentication or a […]

How Can Our QES Solution Benefit Your Business

As digitization continues to advance, more and more service providers are launching themselves into the remote world. This brings freedom of choice to the user, but also creates competition in the market. In addition, providers dealing with contracts and other legal commitments must adjust to compliance requirements.   Normally, users are more likely to choose […]

Age Verification: Why Is It a Trending Topic? New Legal Trends in the Legal KYC Landscape

Gone are the days when a simple “are you over 18?” checkbox would suffice to comply with age verification due diligence.   This is particularly worrying given that, according to one study conducted by OLX, 60% of parents admit that they do not monitor what their children do online. Realizing how unrealistic it is to […]

How Criminals Launder Money With Cryptocurrencies

Despite the latest developments regarding their price, cryptocurrencies will most likely keep capturing the attention of financial innovation for the next years. Their penetration is still rising among individuals who use it as a mean of exchange or as an investment, but another kind of user is also emerging as the use of cryptocurrencies gets […]

3 Billions for the Wrong Signature. Lessons from the Railways in the Alps

Last year an important court case involving the usage of an electronic signature for a billionaire contract got notorious visibility due to the big amount of the mount at stake and the nature of the issue, relating directly to the topic of the forms of signing electronically in Europe, QES and the EU-eIDAS Regulation. Despite […]

The Power of QES in the Courts: Labor Case in Germany

A labor court in Berlin, Germany, has determined that, in order to be valid, an online work contract (that according to German legislation requires to be written) can only be signed by the parts in a valid manner by following the protocols and issuing a qualified certificate with the signature.  The Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) […]

Striking the right balance between customer experience and regulatory compliance, more than crucial!

Security is vital, but let’s not forget that conversion rates are crucial for financial institutions.  Having an onboarding process that maximizes this is increasingly important in a digitized world. However, it is essential to strike a balance between security and customer experience. But is it possible to achieve this balance?   Digital onboarding has become […]

Grant Credit Where Customers Need It

Did you know that the human attention span was less than 8 seconds in 2013? This is important, because that’s the first time it dropped under the attention span of a gold fish. If you think that’s bad, think about generation Z, our consuming population in a few years – it is only 2.8 seconds. […]

Compliant and Saving Money with SignD digital KYB

In such a globalized world, the economy is largely driven by technological advances. Developed and developing economies continue to face the challenges brought about by this digital revolution. Among these challenges are crimes related to the information economy, which are seen as a growing source of concern in the international financial community. It’s crucial that […]

What´s New in Payments?

Open banking payments are taking off at full speed. From frictionless payments to offering safer and simpler ways to pay, the benefits for merchants, payment providers, open banking operators and consumers are enormous. The evolution from open banking to open finance will continue to accelerate in 2022, and we are pleased to inform you that […]

New Functionalities to Our KYB Suite

We are glad to announce that we are about to incorporate a new functionality to our KYB suite. In alliance with Dun & Bradstreet, one of the largest business commercial data companies in the world, SignD will start offering access to the financial information of companies listed in the D&B database. Our data partner in […]

2021 A Year of Achievements

2021 has been a challenging year, but at the same time very productive and full of new developments.  Our team grows  First, we would like to highlight the growth of our team: our family is growing! More and more members of different nationalities and genders are working hard to offer you the most efficient and […]

What´s New in Customer Identity Services?

We are constantly developing our products to adapt them to your needs and make them much more precise. We are therefore pleased to report new developments in KYB. First, as an international team with diverse backgrounds, we are aware of the importance of multiculturalism and multilingualism, which is why we are constantly working to add […]

Watch your Signature: Choosing the Wrong one Might Bring Consequences

The signature of a document is what gives authenticity and legal effect to its content. It allows the receiving (relying) party to trust the integrity and origin of the content. For a long time, this has been achieved with wax seals and similar techniques, as well as with handwritten signatures. An untrusted seal (or signature) […]