SignD and Venuzle in the Future of Sports

SPORTOPIA is the forum for innovation and sustainability in sport: a unique place to exchange experiences, ideas, and smart solutions for sports organizations and companies. On September, 17th, 2021, sports officials, active athletes, policymakers and companies offering innovative products and solutions for the sports sector, as well as planners, builders, and operators of sports facilities […]

Virtual Morning, Real Ecosystem: SignD in F10 Kick-off

This Monday morning was special in the main offices of SignD in Vienna, Austria. Despite our team works from different locations, and thus we are incredibly used to maintain online meetings and attend virtual events, yesterday the situation was different. In front of a computer while having the first coffee of the day in the […]

Compliant and Saving Money with SignD digital KYB

In such a globalized world, the economy is largely driven by technological advances. Developed and developing economies continue to face the challenges brought about by this digital revolution. Among these challenges are crimes related to the information economy, which are seen as a growing source of concern in the international financial community. It’s crucial that […]

Payment Experience: The Two Sides of the Coin

Shop owner: Hello. Welcome to, the place where you get the shirts that you want! How can I help you? Shopper: Well, I´m looking for a safe way of getting a couple of nice linen shirts. I always get a new couple of shirts for the summer, and for the last 7 years I […]

Pay Better and Get Paid Better

It’s obvious that Open Banking has come to stay. Is it really true that it´s so effective in saving money?   In our last article we shared with you that Open Banking immediacy makes it possible for companies to shorten the working capital cycle, as it is not tied up to unpaid customer invoices, more […]

How to save money with Open Banking

Have you ever eagerly waited for a payment to be available in your account? Every day of delay costs money! Credit cards and E-Wallet payments can be fast but not instant. It can take on average up to three business days or a credit card payment or E-Wallet to post and to be reflected in your […]

SignD is listed in RegTech100 Most Innovative Companies

The REGTECH100 is an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative RegTech companies selected by a panel of industry experts and analysts. These are companies every financial institution should know when they develop their RegTech and digital transformation strategies.

Building Blocks of an efficient KYC Onboarding Process

Typical KYC checks include verifying new customers identity, financial status, and address as well as ascertain what fraud risks they may pose before onboarding them and open new accounts. To achieve this a number of specialized systems have to be combined into a comprehensive solution. Making sure the final solution is seamless and easy to […]

Onboarding customers in regulated markets

Companies active in regulated markets must perform Know Your Customer (KYC) Checks before they accept new customers, to be in line with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorist financing (CTF) laws. To make matters worse, these laws are different from country to country and change regularly. Staying compliant while not frustrating the customers to much […]

KYC Cheatsheet – whats what in digital onboarding

Onboarding people through the Internet is a world in itself. Since the WWW came along in 1991, online companies and organizations have onboarded people to their systems in a variety of ways. 30 years has passed, and the once classical “username and password” has become obsolete for more and more online companies in a world […]