Building Blocks of an efficient KYC Onboarding Process

Typical KYC checks include verifying new customers identity, financial status, and address as well as ascertain what fraud risks they may pose before onboarding them and open new accounts. To achieve this a number of specialized systems have to be combined into a comprehensive solution. Making sure the final solution is seamless and easy to use is key to an efficient onboarding process with high conversion rates.

1.) Government ID Check
The KYC Check starts with a scan of the new clients government ID. The ID will then be checked for validity, and signs of manipulations or fakes against databases of global existing IDs.

2.) Face Scan
Next the User is asked to take a selfie to make sure he or she is the same person as in the ID document.

3.) Liveness Detection
To make surethat the user does not try to trick the system by using a picture or video for the face scan, special functions check if the person in front of the camera is an actual (alive) person.

4.) Face Match and Data Export
Finally the faces from the ID and the selfie are matched using AI based biometric algorithms. If they match, the data from the ID is exported and a positive check result is returned to the onboarding provess.

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