Business Identity Service

Enables you to automatically onboard and assess your
business partners and clients within minutes:



  • Self-onboarding possible (DIY)
  • Automated data collection
  • Minutes instead of days


  • Cost savings
  • Cleaner data
  • No forgotten or outdated documents


  • Automated UBO and director KYC
  • GDPR compliance
  • Audit trail

Fraud & Risk

  • Real clients
  • Signature rights
  • Receive early risk signals

SignD provides a comprehensive identification and qualification service that allows a fully automated assessment of your B2B partners. No matter if you just want to look up a company for existence, validate their VAT, want to do the annual assessment of your vendors, or go through a regulated merchant onboarding process including AML, credit assessment, and identification of the officials and Ultimate Beneficial Owners.

Customer Onboarding with a Smile

The SignD Q Platform adapts to the unique needs and risks of your business and provides
the right set of services to balance your need for security and convenience.

SignD Quantum Platform


Lets Agree
– Qualified Signature

Who are you?
– Consumer Identity

Bank With us
– Open Banking

Do I want to do Business?
– Business Identity

Business Identify Services

Company Existence

  • Verify Companies
  • Using Company Registers
  • Vat Numbers

Company Assessment

  • Vetted Data by Dun & Bradstreet
  • Trade Registers
  • Business Databases


  • Automated Updates
  • AML/PEP Status
  • Adverse Media Reports

Company Identification

  • Company KYC
  • AML/Sanctions
  • Underwriting Risk

Company Due Diligence

  • Business Characteristics
  • Payments Behaviour
  • Credit Assessments

Document Services

  • Trade Register Excerpts
  • Financial Filings
  • Straight Through processing

Company Existence Check

Your need: Dealing with an unknown company? Making a one-time purchase from a foreign supplier?

Our solution: Easily verify company existence with SignD Quick Check just by entering company name or registration number. Eliminate one of the largest B2B fraud reasons within seconds.


Company Assessment – Industry/General

Your need: Want to uniquely identify your vendors and clients, get credit assessments and recommendations?

Our solution: SignD Company Assessment – your single source,  combining  vetted data by Dun & Bradstreet, documents from trade registers, news events, and insights into relevant insolvency & business permit databases.



Your need: Review thousands of customers, suppliers and business partners every year?

Our solution: Get automated updates on changes in ownership structure, directors, principal address and other fundamental details with SignD Monitoring. Also allows tracking of adverse media reports, major events and AML/PEP status of company and important individuals.


Company Identification and Onboarding – Financial Institutions

Your need: Completing merchant contracts can take 6 – 8 weeks with acquirers or PSP. Want to reduce the cost, effort, frustration, and risk?

Our solution: SignD KYB4FI is your individual one-stop-shop, ticking all the boxes. Includes identification and KYC’ing of the company, all individuals and UBOs, AML/Sanction, underwriting risk assessment, business characteristics, signature rights and relevant documents from trade registers – removing the possibility of missing any documents.

Best combined with batch based annual review or monitoring services to auto-comply with regulations.


Company Due Diligence

Your need: Still unsure about this business relationship, better to dig a little deeper? Is there a suspicious or high value deal that requires further investigation?

Our solution: SignD Company Due Diligence, combines extensive Dun & Bradstreet data on business characteristics, major events, credit assessments, payments behaviour and supplementary research, including OSINT, leading to smoother and more reliable investigations.


Document Services

Your need: Documents provided by trade registers like trade register excerpts, annual accounts, AoA, financial filings are an indispensable element of proper due diligence. Want to move away from paper-based copies?

Our solution: Say goodbye to paper and welcome straight through processing with SignD Document Services. Utilising records kept in local language by trade registers, we will add translation services from vetted translators via API soon.


Coverage SignD - Passports

  • 93%Straight Through Automation
  • 99%Fake Identity Detection Rate
  • 3 Sec.Average Processing

Largest Master List, Public Key Directory worldwide Including revocation checking


IDs supported for 87 languages, in use at 55 international borders, biometric quality proven billions of times

Coverage SignD - National IDs

  • 96%Straight Through Automation
  • 99%Fake Identity Detection Rate
  • 3 Sec.Average Processing speed

Supporting passports but also new biometric chips on national IDs


IDs supported for 87 languages, in use at 55 international borders, biometric quality proven billions of times

Coverage SignD - eKYC

  • 23Well covered 2+2 source countries
  • 12Countries with 50%+ coverage
  • 100Target country coverage by Q2 2020

Good coverage >75% populationOK coverage Q1 2020: 60 additional countries

Coverage SignD - Open Banking

  • 500mnBank accounts
  • 100%Guaranteed payments, chargeback free
  • 4 hrs.From application to accepting payments

European P5D2 AIS & PISOther, mainly AIS

Coverage SignD - KYB

  • 330mnDetail company records in database
  • 100mnUBO database records + live data
  • 100Countries with live register access

Database AccessDirect register Access

Coverage SignD - Depth of Checking

  • 28Average Documents Per country
  • 3 dayFastest Templating turnaround
Number Doc Tpye
2.488 Driver's licenses
2.240 Passports
1.837 national ID cards
584 residence permits
445 Visa documents
1.214 others (commercial, refugee, weapon, etc.)

1 … 200 documents
US: 2004 documents

Trusted by Leading Brands and Organisations Worldwide

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