SignD is a certified Local Registration Authority

In order to be able to issue Qualified Electronic Signatures based on the eIDAS standard, SignD has passed the required certification process to be an LRA.

In a Public Key Infrastructure (“PKI”) like Digital Signatures, an LRA is an organization authorized by a Registration Authority to perform identity verification, that lead to the authorized issuance of certificates.

In case of eIDAS compliant Qualified Electronic Signatures the relevant certification scheme is: “EN ETSI 319 403 v2.2.2 (version 3)”.

SignD has fullfilled all provisions concerning the assessment and verification of constancy of performance described by requirements of EU regulation eIDAS as of Aug 16 2021, certified by LL-C Prague.




Heinrich-Barth-Straße 18
66115 Saarbrücken, Deutschland

E-Mail: info@jerra.de
Homepage: www.jerra.de

Vertretungsberechtigt: Mag. Karl Pichler
Registergericht: Amtsgericht Saarbrücken
Registernummer: HRB 102867
ST.-NR.: 040/111/06329
UST-ID: DE303513793