SignD was founded by industry experts with the sole purpose of optimizing the onboarding process for its customers.

Back in 2015, SignD founder Bernhard Reiterer had a frustrating experience when he attempted to open an account with a well-known online bank. The process of submitting forms and documents was complicated, took weeks and ultimately failed because the uploads were lost somewhere in the banks IT-systems.

Bernhard did some research and found no seamless and easy to integrate solution that he could recommend in this situation.

With 20 years in the payment industry under his belt, he decided to use his experience and his industry contacts to build a best-in-class service, that focuses on an optimized user experience and reduces customer churn dramatically.

SignD was born early 2019 and soon after went started with SIM-card identifications for the Austrian telecom market.

SignD then rapidly entered global markets as expert solutions provider of onboarding and risk solutions. Our custom-built, proprietary platform is probably one of the most modern in the KYC sector, and unleashes the combined power of 30+ different onboarding, compliance, signature and payment functionalities from a range of industry-leading providers.

The SignD core team features experienced business and technology experts from several industries who are based in Austria, France, Spain, Ireland, Kenya and Poland.

Our one-stop-shop combines top notch technology and know-how from SignD and additionally makes use of a growing stack of industry leading services and providers. This way we guarantee having the best fitting costumer journey for ANY onboarding use case and complete global coverage for all our services.

We are proud to help our partners in onboarding excellence and risk reduction on all continents and on a 24/7 basis. Our services are used in the financial industry, health care, government, telecom, travel, administration, gaming, sharing economy and in digital businesses in general.

Management Team

Bernhard Reiterer

  • Founder and CEO
  • Bernhard’s vision is to create the world’s most simple and universal onboarding solution…


  • Chief Revenue Officer & CFO

Peter Klien

  • Chief Product Officer
  • Peter is our product master mind, nurturing our services from conception to implementation…

Katarzyna Sadowska

  • Head of Operations
  • After earning her Master’s Diploma in Management Engineering from WUT…

Hervé Chomel

  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Hervé started his career in marketing, at PepsiCo in Dallas, and then joined Western Union…

Erwin Kreuzer

  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Erwin has held marketing positions at market leader in the IT, Telco and Online Gaming sectors