Consumer Identity Services

Enables you to know your customers, serve them better and avoid risk. You can do everything from simple data capture to qualified sign-ups, to mortgage applications and sophisticated fraud prevention.


  • Faster identification
  • Smoother consumer experience
  • Better clients


  • Better automation
  • Cost savings
  • Cleaner data


  • Industry regulations (Banking, telecom, health)
  • Consumer law & GDPR
  • Audit trail

Reducing Risk

  • Real clients
  • Detect synthetic identities, leaked accounts
  • Assess risk of the individual

SignD Q Platform provides a broad range of identity services that can be tailored to your specific needs. You can do everything from simple data capture to qualified sign-ups, to mortgage applications and sophisticated fraud prevention.

Customer Onboarding with a Smile

The SignD Q Platform adapts to the unique needs and risks of your business and provides
the right set of services to balance your need for security and convenience.

SignD Quantum Platform

Lets Agree
– Qualified Signature

Who are you?
– Consumer Identity

Bank With us
– Open Banking

Do I want to do Business?
– Business Identity

Consumer Identify Services

Data Capture and

  • Classify based on an inexpensive but robust quick risk assessment
  • Quickly Capture Data from ID or Document
  • Scan and Pre-populate Credit Card Numbers

Age Verification
and Identification

  • Photo ID including Liveness check and Biometric Face Match
  • eKYC Full 2+2 Compliant with AML requirements
  • Mobile ID Assessment based on Phone Number
  • Bank ID Using Banks Strong Customer Authentication


  • Address Lookup and OCR
  • Phone including SMS, Flash Call Quality check
  • eMail


  • Compute Decision Making Scores
  • Risk Signals Analysis
  • Digital Identity Intelligence Solutions
  • Open Banking


  • AML/PEP Checks
  • Adverse Media Check
  • Risk Data Analysis

Data Capture and Pre-Screening

  • Quickly capture data from an ID or other document to prepopulate forms online or in store to speed up applications and avoid data entry errors.
  • Scan and pre populate credit card numbers for simpler data entry into payment forms or as a security check with applicant’s data.
  • Classify your clients based on an inexpensive but robust quick risk assessment. With only a few data points such as email, phone number, name, IP you can get a reliable risk score within half a second.

Age Verification and Identification

  • Photo ID Using a range of various optical techniques, NFC capture and verification, Biometric face match and various liveness detections.
  • eKYC Match two different subsets of a user input in (minimum) two different and independent databases. This purely electronic test is usually hardened with a proof of residence document or a photo identification to reduce impersonation risk.
  • Mobile ID Filter out malicious or suspicious phone numbers and receive a threat score to flag potential fraudsters. Consumer identification services with mobile ID follow a matching principle within the EU or can also work on discovery mode for other regions.
  • Bank ID Make use of previous identifications by trusted financial institutions to quickly and seamlessly identify your customers. All identifications are based on our open banking connections within Europe and are regulated by the 2nd Payment Directive.


  • Address – Verify people automatically at their home address using databases or OCR. We connect to thousands of data sources to make sure we can place a person to the right address.
  • Phone – Verify a Phone number by sending a text. We also offer a more reliable and cost-efficient service where you can verify a phone number with a flash call or check the phone number for quality criteria before sending out the text message.
  • Email – Send verification eMails as required, additionally check for proxy or temporary or known spam addresses.


  • AML/PEP – Our AML/PEP services embed into the customer journeys so you do not have to do separate integrations. This results in a much better classification of hits, resulting in less false positives and a happy MLRO. All AML & risk services can also deliver a human friendly dossier output with clickable links that allows quick and efficient investigation.
  • Adverse Media – Adverse media goes hand in hand with AML/PEP but also the identification of criminals. There are millions of articles popping up every week. We use a mix of artificial and human intelligence to filter out the irrelevant ones and to qualify and summarize the important ones.
  • Risk Data – We help you assess the individuals by screening Law enforcement databases, insolvency registers or – when in combination with KYB – also disqualified directors or regulatory fines.


  • Risk signals – Get early risk signals based on behavioural data of your applicant. An inexpensive check that works as an obtrusive first line of defense against fraudsters.
  • Digital Identity Intelligence Solutions – Using smart and pseudonymized data sharing logics with thousands of connected associations and businesses, such as e-commerce, payment and financial companies, our services create insights based on billions of transactions and cases.
  • Open Banking – European PSD2 regulation has opened up a wealth of new possibilities to better understand your customer. If you are curious about their payment behaviour or want to find out if they can afford the rent for the flat, this is the service to go to.

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