Grant Credit Where Customers Need It

Did you know that the human attention span was less than 8 seconds in 2013? This is important, because that’s the first time it dropped under the attention span of a gold fish. If you think that’s bad, think about generation Z, our consuming population in a few years – it is only 2.8 seconds. But let’s move to another topic. Recently our CEO was trying do a POS financing for a new MacBook at a famous electronic retailers. It took mind-blowing 40 minutes to complete this. Taking both stories, it’s quite obvious that there’s some kind of mismatch of expectations.
It also tells us that digitization is something which is not just for the online world – although even there is still a lot to do to get closer to the 2.8 seconds that consumers invest into looking at your brand and services. If you want to learn more how we can enable you to meet customer expectations, click below to find out how we move POS financing to the 21st century.