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Worldwide Coverage

With our KYB platform get access to the updated information of companies in +135 countries worldwide

Updated Corporate Information

Our network of data partners allow one of the highest coverage available in the market for business information

QES Integrated

Fully integrated with our Qualified Electronic Signature


Know who are you making B2B business with. Identify the people behind the company and get their legally binding signatures

Business and Persons

Get access to a complete and updated summary of the company relevant information

Officers, UBO´s and +

Identify business owners, UBO´s, company officers, and make sure you are closing a deal in a compliant, legal way with whom you are supposed to.

Two business partners working in office

Onboard and Asses your Business Partners Within Minutes

SignD provides a comprehensive identification and qualification service that allows a fully automated assessment of your B2B partners. 

✔  No matter if you just want to look up a company for existence, validate their VAT, want to do the annual assessment of your vendors, or go through a regulated merchant onboarding process including AML, credit assessment, and identification of the officials and Ultimate Beneficial Owners.

Enables you to automatically onboard and assess your business partners and B2B clients within minutes

+ 150 mn
Companies listed

Assess and onboard your business customers within minutes
with global coverage and a single platform


Company Identification

Identify a company in the a complete way. Both the legal entity and the natural persons responsible behind. Get updated information on address of the company, Directors, UBO´s, owners and more.

Company Assessment

Get complete, updated information and perform AML/PEP and risk checks to assess your business partners

Business Monitoring

Access updated information about businesses, program regular screenings on corporate and individual information for ongoing compliance

UBO DIscovery

Find out who really controls a company to stay compliant with regulations and sactions.

Monitoring and Re-Identification

Stay compliant for the whole customer lifecycle by being informed about relevant changes.

Account Origination

 handle documents and get them signed with the highest legal level in minutes

Wide Data Network

We currently connect through our API +100 official national registers, and some of the leading corporate information companies worldwide so you get automatic evergreen updates with a single and simple integration

Quick Company Due Diligence

Use a single platform to perform and manage all your compliant due diligence requirements, even when it comes to business onboarding. Acquire official corporate documents, perform risk checks and more, in minutes instead of days!

QES Integration

After identifying who´s behind a company, either if it´s an owner, UBO´s or official representative, handle documents and get them signed with the highest legal level in minutes

Insurance & Pensions

  • Automate the onboarding of brokers and Independent Financial Advisors (IFA´s)
  • User friendly, automated and fast
  • Coverage in 137 different countries
  • Identify Directors, owners and UBO´s, and perform instant AML/PEP checks
  • Assess risk with connections to updated Adverse Media and Law Enforcement databases and networks

Merchant & Vendor Onboarding

  • Avoid complex training for your teams in charge of constant merchant & vendor onboarding
  • Easy and seamless onboarding process that will reduce your dependency and increase your freedom to choose
  • Deliver contracts and get them signed in record time in an easy-to-use platform with the highest legal power
  • Reduce reputation and compliance risks for wrong-done onboarding

Global coverage, multiple databases, single provider



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