Fully automated Customer Onboarding
No operator necessary No videocall intrudes privacy Available instantly & 24/7 ID Scan and ID Verification Facematch and Liveness Detection Data Extraction Bank Identification Mobile ID eID AML/PEP Checks |

Totally Automated

The whole process is done by software and therefore can be done immediately 24/7 and without waiting for an operator.

Users are guided in an automated, easy-to-use and fast onboarding journey. The API is completely white labeled and customizable to your branding, so your users will feel on your own corporate online environment 

Proven Components

We work with the best and most trusted data partners to verify the authenticity of documents in all the world

SignD trusted data partners are responsible for ID verification in most airports of the world and other official venues. 

Higher Conversion

A smooth process leads to higher satisfaction and better conversion rates. Don't lose customers during the final steps.

All parts of the process are managed by one platform and deliver a consistent user experience - including the backend.

Compliance With Conversion

Balancing fraud detection and user conversion is often seen as a trade-off. Too much time spent on KYC formalities leads to a drop in conversions, but overly simple onboarding processes will open the gates to fraud and circumvention of checks, which then lead to violations of AML and CTF laws – which can lead to huge losses in terms of reputation costs and fines.

✔  Let your clients have the best user experience when identifying themselves. Our KYC solution is fast, guided, and is build as a white-label, containing in it your logo and branding. 

✔ Covering nearly every ID or Passport from nearly every country on earth, be automatically connected to the best network of document screening. Never miss a business because the nationality of a customer.

✔ Automate different onboarding journeys to fit the compliance regulations and information requirements and availability in different jurisdictions. 

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Bank Accounts

Age Verification

Unobtrusive ways to comply with youth protection regulation using IDs, phone numbers, bank accounts or biometric age estimation.

Liveness Detection

Make sure that the user does not try to trick the system by using a picture or video for the face scan with special functions to verify the liveness of the user

Data Capture and Pre-Identification

Quickly capture data from ID or documents. Scan and pre-populate fields like names, address or credit card numbers

Address & Phone Verification

Use mobile phone contract data for identification and risk checks. Access the phone contract status and match the data for risk assessment. Find if the SIM for a phone number has been swapped, and model different risk assessments. 

AML & Risk Checks

Comply with AML and PEP regulations by checking any person against AML, PEP, Law Enforcement and other international official and unofficial risk checks.


Perform risk analysis from a variety of sources, including Open Banking, Adverse Media. Compute and automate the decision making with a customized risk score and a Compliance Platform

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