Fastest QES in the market


Broadest coverage for QES signing with ID

Why our traction with QES is growing within few months from launching the product?

  • SignD QES reduces costs 💶 by improving the efficiency of binding authorization processes.
  • SignD QES improve online user experience with a white label 🏷️ interface and a record timing ⏰ for the process.
  • SignD QES is legally binding in the whole European Union 👨‍⚖️, making it a tool for granting authorization as valid as a face-to-face written signature in for any industry 📃.




Countries covered, making it one of the broadest coverage available for KYB


Over half a billion companies and organizations around the world


Identify +100 million of UBO with a single click in record time


SmartIdent is SignD’s identity verification suite that makes possible to issue a Qualified Electronic Signature recognized in all member states of the EU

  • ⏰ In record time
  • 🌍 With the broadest document coverage
  • 🤖 100% automated and without operator