Our truly comprehensive platform covers every
function and feature set you could possibly need.

Future proofed as we are constantly evolving our platform to adapt to a
changing environment

Speed & convenience

  • Time to market
  • Pre-configured technology
  • Single implementation for multiple services

Outstanding User Experience

  • Intuitive workflows
  • Self-improving journeys based on AI learnings.
  • Test new experiences in our sandbox.

Trust &
Future Proof

  • built on industry leaders
  • confirmed billions of times.
  • Rigorously vetted services
  • access to the latest and most relevant services
  • early and safe access to experimental technologies
  • evergreen

Always-On Compliance

  • Regulatory scan
  • Automatic updates
  • Provider performance monitoring

Signd’s Quantum Platform can be your winning
recipe to achieve your goals.

  • Speed and
    convenience for our
  • Outstanding user
  • Trust & future
  • Always on –
  • Peace
    of mind

Our Mission - Deliver a better, smarter, faster
online identity experience

Customer Onboarding with a Smile

The SignD Q Platform adapts to the unique needs and risks of your business and provides
the right set of services to balance your need for security and convenience.

SignD Quantum Platform

Lets Agree
– Qualified Signature

Who are you?
– Consumer Identity

Bank With us
– Open Banking

Do I want to do Business?
– Business Identity

SignD Quantum Platform Features

Powerful AI

Our AI-based platform with machine learning creates strong production data sets.

Custom Workflows

Consume KYC services based on your unique use case, risk appetite and budget.

Global Coverage

Anytime, anywhere, SignD covers over 230 countries and territories and more than 8,800 Govt documents and IDs


Bank-grade security and compliance features help protect user data and privacy.

Pay as you Use

Combined with our custom workflows and AI, we can offer clients tailored pricing to suit their needs today – and tomorrow.

Consumer Identity Services

Enables you to know your customers, serve them better and avoid risk. You can do everything from simple data capture to qualified sign-ups, to mortgage applications and sophisticated fraud prevention.


  • Faster identification
  • Smoother consumer experience
  • Better clients


  • Better automation
  • Cost savings
  • Cleaner data


  • Industry regulations (banking, telecom, health)
  • Consumer law & GDPR
  • Audit trail

Reducing Fraud
& Risk

  • Real clients
  • Detect synthetic identities, leaked accounts
  • Assess risk of the individual

Business Identity Service

Enables you to automatically onboard and assess your
business partners and clients within minutes:


  • Self-onboarding possible (DIY)
  • Automated data collection
  • Minutes instead of days


  • Cost savings
  • Cleaner data
  • No forgotten or outdated documents


  • Automated UBO and director KYC
  • GDPR compliance
  • Audit trail

Fraud & Risk

  • Real clients
  • Signature rights
  • Receive early risk signals.

Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

Enables you to digitally conclude contracts with your clients in an instant and with a verified legally binding signature. You can offer a completely paperless contract flow using our instant-issue QES or do AMLD5 compliant identifications.

Better onboarding

  • No onboarding or sign-up necessary
  • Instant contract
  • SignD templates & API for mass contracting

Operational Excellence

  • No documents lost in mail
  • Cost savings
  • Cleaner data, less paper

Legal validity

  • Recognised and secure
  • eIDAS & GDPR compliant
  • Level of Assurance: ‘Significant’

Reducing Risk

  • EU-harmonized
  • Upheld in Court
  • Publicly verifiable

Our QES does not require an interaction with a human operator or an EU bank account, therefore it is the only QES available worldwide open to non-EU citizens for EU services.

Open Banking

Enables you to replace credit cards with instantaneous payments, a saving of up to 75%. Account Information Service allows access to customer data like transaction history, balance, identity data for EU and UK bank accounts, Paypal, American Express and certain MasterCard, or Visa issuers throughout Europe.

Fully optimized

  • Guaranteed payments, no chargebacks
  • Fastest liquidity, funds settled directly
  • No holdback or rolling reserve
  • Most cost-efficient payment method

Better Decision Making

  • Real-data driven credit worthiness
  • Vetted identity data for European customers
  • Gain customer intelligence


  • GDPR friendly & compliant
  • Player protection
  • Audit trail

Reducing Fraud
& Risk

  • Highest level of banking security
  • No credit card numbers that can be stolen
  • Explicit consent avoids disputes
  • No credit risk

Unleash the power of 550 million EU bank accounts for payments and account information services.

Our truly comprehensive platform covers every function and
feature set you could possibly need.

Future proofed as we are constantly evolving our
platform to adapt to a changing environment


Multiple hand-picked industry leaders in a redundant failover configuration. Constant service quality monitoring.


Seamless journey through a fully automated process. Prevents users from dropping out. Permanent conversion optimization.


Only one contract and one integration of a single, stable API for all services over time


Low follow-up costs. Low operational costs due to fewer manual efforts.

We are built on the shoulders of the Industry’s giants

We integrate the best of breed technologies from the foremost leaders in the Industry