SignD Quantum Platform

One Stop Compliance
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Powerful Data Network

We connect your onboarding needs with the widest range of trustable data available with a single vendor

Automate data fetching from a variety of trustable sources so you always are one step ahead in terms of optimal coverage and data availability

White Label

Quantum integrates in an API one of the widest available network and data connections for user identification

With it´s white label design, embed your logo, colors and all your branding in the online customer onboarding journey so your clients will have the best UX and association with your brand

Evergreen Updates

Easily change compliance conditions, automate multiple customer journeys and keep your system easily updated from a compliance perspective

Receive automatic technical updates and connect to a ongoing network of databases, so you always will be up-to-date.

Our 360° Approach to Compliance

The Quantum Platform

RegTech solutions for KYC and KYB combine multiple visible and invisible process steps. Our Quantum Platform orchestrates over 30 functions and technologies into tailored processes for our customers. It is completely modular, and uses a pay-as-you-go structure. Design and automate the customer onboarding journeys that fit your compliance requirements… and pay for what you use. 

Qualified Electronic Signature

Unleash the power of the most legally binding electronic signature available under European and British regulation today. SignD offers a unique system of identification for it, 100% automated and in record time.

NFC Technology

Use state-of-the-art NFC technology to allow automated reading of documents with readable chip. Get all the information faster, more accurately and with a better user experience

Reusable Signatures and eID

Extend the digital certificate of a QES for up to 10 years, making it a perfect instrument for long business relationships and to be used as an Electronic ID.

Open Banking

Use Access-to-Account and payment protocols to access trustable information directly from your users bank accounts

Address Verification

Verify an address given by the user by accessing online databases with updated information from a variety of sources, including mobile phone operators, government records, among many others.

Business Account Origination

Onboard vendors, corporate customers or partners in some minutes instead of some days! Fast, easy and in a fully compliant way. 

Directors & UBO´s

Identify the Directors, UBO´s and authorized signatories in a company. Handle documents and contracts, perform KYC to verify online their identity, or ask for a QES using a single platform.

Compliance Platform

Manage your compliance rules, special cases and distribute tasks among your compliance team in an easy and friendly way

Single Platform, Global Reachout



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