Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

Enables you to digitally conclude contracts with your clients in an instant and with a
verified legally binding signature. You can offer a completely paperless contract flow
using our instant-issue QES or do AMLD5 compliant identifications.

  Better Onboarding

  • No onboarding or sign-up necessary
  • Instant contract
  • SignD templates & API for mass contracting


Legal Validity

  • Recognised and secure
  • eIDAS & GDPR compliant
  • Level of assurance: Significant


Operational Excellence

  • No documents los in mail
  • Cost-saving
  • Cleaner data, less paper


Reducing Risk

  • EU-harmonized
  • Upheld in court
  • Publicly verifiable


Our QES does not require an interaction with a human operator or an EU bank account, therefore it is the only QES available worldwide open to non-EU citizens for EU services.

Use Cases of Qualified Electronic Signature with SignD Smart Ident

Use Case

Automotive Credit Contract

Use SignD´s QES to allow your sell force expand their limits and maximize their reachout! SignD offers the only QES 100% online, 24/7, no human interaction and available for non-EU citizens!

Extent the limits of your potential customers while you allow your teams to focus on what really matters. Benefit from the whole value chain of onboarding customers with technology: from identification till contract sign or payment, save costs and bring agility to your business.

Use Case

Travel Agency

Travel agencies continue to hold an important share of the travel market, specially for tourism and leisure. Their customers prefer them over traditional self-service online channels mainly because of convenience.

Stop the current chaos of papers coming and going with email, scans and post mail. Onboard your customers online and maximize your conversion rates. From registration till signing the travel or insurance contract, do everything online with the best user experience!

Use Case

Employee Hiring

Home office? Distance working? International locations? Legally onboard your collaborators, no matter in which part of the world they are.

Identifying yourself with our SmartIdent, Qualified Electronic Signatures can be issued for EU and non-EU citizens wherever in the world they are. Independently of the selection process, give the power to your collaborators overseas to sign official documents and contracts 100% online and just with their national ID´s

Download the Latest Version of SignD´s QES White Paper