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GDC is a leading provider and industry expert in global electronic identity verification, allowing verification of name, address, date of birth, national ID, and phone number against the highest quality data sets available. GDC is on a mission to empower businesses with the tools to get to know their customers and vendors, stay compliant, and deliver real-time solutions. We partner with GDC due to their unique position of facilitating relationship between local and global markets by pairing our clients to locally sourced data from all over the world.

Acuris is a trusted and independent provider of data intelligence for Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Corruption and Cybersecurity professionals. The powerful Acuris Risk Intelligence combines a world-class dataset – including fraud and cybersecurity content – with expert human analysts and state-of-the-art technology. Working with Acuris helps us provide better ways to manage the risk in business relationships effectively.

Acuant is an identity verification, document authentication and fraud prevention technology services provider headquartered in Los Angeles. Their trusted identity services are heavily AI-powered to deliver unparalleled results and operational efficiency. We use their cutting edge omnichannel products to provide seamless customer experiences, to fight fraud and establish trust in seconds. Acuant is also behind some of our most advanced services, like NFC or identity graphs.

Regula is a leading producer of expert devices for authenticity control of travel documents (passports, visas, ID cards, etc.) and other high security printed papers. We work with Regula as a known and reliable partner to provide fully integrable solutions for different spheres, including governmental administrative and forensic needs. Regula’s database of document templates contains 9000+ units from 246 countries and territories, recognizing 90 languages, making Regula our go to partner in terms of reach.

TeleSign, part of Proximus’ BICS, the largest provider of mobile data services worldwide, is a provider of single-platform global communications and trusted identity data solutions. We work with TeleSign to connect and protect online experiences with our combined sophisticated customer identity and engagement solutions. Their unrivalled reach and data quality allows us to offer identity services where other providers fail.

Kompany is the RegTech platform for Global Business Verification and Business KYC providing the audit-proof, primary source, and time-stamped company information from 150+ jurisdictions in real-time. It is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and has offices in Singapore and the UK. Since being founded in 2012, kompany has attracted a unique pool of top developers, regulatory experts, and product managers from around the world. It is a government licensed clearing house and official distributor for commercial and business registers in multiple countries worldwide. Russell, the founder of kompany, and our founder, Bernie, have been constantly in touch since even before the formation of SignD. Now we are very proud to work with kompany to deliver our KYB services in a better way.

Smart Engines is a science company with a focus on AI-related research and years of fundamental R&D at the forefront of document recognition, image processing, technical vision, machine learning, graph theory and optimization. The company was founded by an elite group of scientists from the world-renowned Russian Academy of Sciences and brings together more than 60 scientists. Smart Engines recognition systems support us in delivering certain critical applications at highest levels of personal data security.

Dun & Bradstreet is the world’s leading source of global business information, knowledge, and insight. Their global commercial database contains more than 484 million business records. We work with them to access to the world’s largest and highest quality global commercial business information database through our partner Bisnode, a European Data & Analytics company, with operations in 19 countries and 2,100 employees. Bisnode helps companies find and manage their customers throughout the customer lifecycle. They do this by pioneering Smart Data to enable their customers to make smart decisions. It means that they can match and analyse their customers’ data with their data and the data that today’s connected world generates, so-called Big Data. Bisnode is the largest strategic partner of Dun & Bradstreet and has been  acquired by them in late 2020.



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