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Doing business on the internet means dealing with strangers. This poses multiple risks that need to be mitigated. Our Risk Identity Service helps to evaluate new registrations. It automatically connects billions of relevant identity and behaviour data points to form identity networks and an identity graph.

About SignD

At Signd our mission in life is to deliver a better, smarter faster online identity experience for business and individuals. Our custom-built, proprietary platform is probably one of the most modern in the KYC sector and unleashes the combined power of 30+ different onboarding, compliance, signature and payment functionalities from a range of industry-leading providers.

Our one-stop-shop combines top-notch technology and know-how from SignD and additionally makes use of a growing stack of industry-leading services and providers. This way we guarantee to always have the best fitting customer journey for ANY onboarding use case and complete global coverage for all our services.

We are proud to help our customers achieve onboarding excellence and risk reduction on all continents and on a 24/7 basis. Our services are used in the financial industry, health care, government, telecom, travel, administration, gaming, sharing economy and in digital businesses in general.

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