Virtual Morning, Real Ecosystem: SignD in F10 Kick-off

This Monday morning was special in the main offices of SignD in Vienna, Austria. Despite our team works from different locations, and thus we are incredibly used to maintain online meetings and attend virtual events, yesterday the situation was different. In front of a computer while having the first coffee of the day in the kitchen of our office at the Gumpendorferstraße in Vienna, the team felt like on the threshold of a beautiful hotel in the Swiss mountains.
SignD has been selected to participate of the 2021 Acceleration Program by F10 Accelerator Switzerland in Zürich, only that this year the initial kick-off was set in an ingenious online platform.
F10 is a non-profit organization founded in the year 2016 in Switzerland. Since it´s origins, F10 and their corporate partners have intended to bring together the world of financial technology and innovation with some of the biggest and most respected names in the big and well respected Swiss financial industry.
F10, their corporate partners, and the 140+ Start-ups that have participated in incubation and acceleration programs with them, constitute an ecosystem. An ecosystem of financial innovation. An ecosystem in which we need each other to learn, produce and stay creative and innovative.
The day continued with the team breaking in and out of virtual booths and thematic round-tables where video calls allowed us to meet face to face the people behind the names of F10´s Corporate Partners and our esteemed Start-up colleagues.
The kick-off of this year Acceleration Program was a chance not just to meet and get to know, but to think, dream and build. From conversations with some of the finest financial institutions in the world about their technological challenges, or just about our impressions on the developments in the future of the financial services industry. We could hear the experience of Start-ups we admire, found inspiration for ourselves, and hopefully be able to pass some of that as well.
Ideas for new services, products, or to declare the intention of a collaboration project, are all projections of the reason to be of an Accelerator: when it comes to innovation, together, collaborating, we are more.
As the morning finished and the afternoon settled in the city of Vienna, we closed our screens knowing ourselves part of something exciting. A species in an ecosystem. As natural as that is that conversations about changing the world are for start-ups like water and soil for flowers in the field.