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SignD integrates the latest RegTech solutions, and the broadest coverage, with a single vendor. Unleash the power of different data sources that will make your due diligence smarter, simpler and safer.

Receive regular technological updates to keep to the state-of-the-art your online onboarding journeys, and easily update your compliance rules


Don´t lose customers in online environments! With SignD, give your customers the best user experience to minimize your dropout rates

Thanks to a great user experience, some of the quickest processes available in the market, a white-label solution branded as your company, we have cut abandonment rate significantly, specially in banking and finance. 


In an increasingly complex globalized world, automate multiple customer onboarding journeys in a way that makes your compliance management simpler, and your customer UX better.

Integrate and automate different data sources available in different territories, to make the match that you need to provide the best UX while remaining compliant

Trust in our digital world

The SignD Quantum Platform adapts to the unique needs and risks of your business and provides the right set of services to balance your need for compliance and convenience. Using a robust, code-less API connected to one of the broadest networks of data providers, SignD tackles the challenges that regulated industries faces when onboarding in a compliant way:

  • Compliance. Avoid reputation costs because some due-diligence was done wrong.


  • Conversion. Did you know that companies can loose up to 82% of their customers due to bad user experience while being onboarded? In SignD we have detected a reduction in online-abandonment of up to 40%.
  • Complexity. In an increasingly globalized world, customers move, have different nationalities, and regulatory landscape is intricate. Data availability is never enough, and companies must deal with this issues or loose competitive positions. SignD´s one-stop-shop and automated approach bring simplicity to these complexities, and ultimately, peace of mind to your teams so they can focus on the core business


Compliance and Conversion: Peace of Mind for your Team

SignD´s Quantum

RegTech solutions for KYC and KYB combine multiple visible and invisible process steps. Our Quantum Platform orchestrates over 30 functions and technologies into tailored processes for our customers. It is completely modular, and uses a pay-as-you-go structure. Design and automate the customer onboarding journeys that fit your compliance requirements… and pay for what you use. 

Continuous Compliance

Because sometimes due diligence is not enough, perform continuous compliance for enhanced due diligence and manage the attention of your team to the cases that really deserve it.

Individual Identity

Access +6 billion individuals thanks to our coverage of ID´s and passports

Verify an address given by the user by accessing online databases with updated information from a variety of sources, including mobile phone operators, government records, among many others.

Digital Signatures

SignD offers a only-in-it´s-kind Qualified Electronic Signature. Thanks to our formal certifications, our SmartIdent ®️ technology and our network of partners, we can deliver a fully automated QES in record time.


A QES can be used to sign a document using the highest legally-binding legal framework available for digital signatures. Discover the power of the QES for e-identity, as the duration of the electronic certificate can be issued indefinitely, with simple ID-verification updates possible. 

Business Identity

We integrate hundreds of private and public business databases to offer a global reach of reliable sources of corporate information. Access and assess information about companies, UBO´s, Directors and much more.

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